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What people are saying

Jean's Pilates classes are amazing. A full hour of continuous and varied exercises from a real expert who inspires confidence. I always come away feeling good and would recommend her classes to anyone.



Jean's Pilates sorts me out every Friday! You go in tired at the end of the week but come out energised and good.



Initially I may have been slightly sceptical, but after a few classes I realised how much Pilates makes a difference to every other sport, whether it's running or cycling, or in particular with windsurfing, where being that much stronger and more flexible is really noticeable....

I would recommend anyone to come down and give it a try!



I can't recommend Jean more whether you are looking to start Pilates for the first time or you are an advanced pupil. Her knowledge and attention to detail is second to none, she is professional and is always bringing new material to her repertoire. Her knowledge allows her to work with a wide variety of clients with different needs. Most importantly her classes are fun and really effective!!



My wife sent me to the male Pilates class Jean runs on a Monday night. As an ex-rugby player

I wasn't sure if it would be for me. That said I had a stiff back so gave it a go. People I spoke to said Pilates is all about the teacher. That was 3 years ago. Jean moves like a swan, I am an inch taller on Tuesdays and a lot more flexible with fewer back problems. It's stretching and sit ups on steroids but a lot more too - try it.

It just goes to prove one thing ... my wife is always right!