Intelligent movement for life.
Pilates for everyone

By focusing on contemporary, intelligent, biomechanically-efficient exercises that provide maximum results without the risk of injury, Pilates can benefit everybody, the young, the old, pre and post natal, injured or athlete.

Pilates for young people

Joseph Pilates believed that we must "First educate the child". The principles of Pilates which promotes body and mind should be practiced from a young age. Factors affecting young people's health today include not only unhealthy dietary behaviour and physical inactivity, due to increased sedentary lifestyle in a world of smart  phones, video-gaming, computer and TV watching, but also decreased emphasis on physical education programming in schools. Young people engaging in Pilates mat work learn physical skills while incorporating body awareness through disciplined focus, concentration, healthy breathing, mindful and purposeful movement. Pilates will
help build strength and increase flexibility. It will help develop body awareness and improve well-being.


Pilates for Men

Many male professional athletes incorporate Pilates into their cross training and athletic conditioning. Pilates helps with overall balance and control, making it a perfect compliment to running, tennis, golf, football, skiing and rugby.


Stronger. Longer. Leaner. Healthier.