Pilates is more than an exercise method, it is a way of life.


Pilates is a challenging, low impact, full body workout that focuses on strengthening the core and elongating the muscles. In order to lead active and expressive lives, we need a healthy, flexible spine; we need a strong core to stand tall and efficient muscle and joint function to allow us full range of movement; we need to be able to breathe fully and deeply, for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.


All classes, whether group or individual, are designed to teach you not just the Pilates method and principles, but to give you an awareness and understanding of your own body so that you can apply the knowledge to your daily life and activities. The technique of Pilates, coupled with consistent practice, is what heals, what strengthens, what creates a real Pilates body.



"If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young"
Joseph Pilates
Pilates for everybody

By focusing on contemporary, intelligent, biomechanically-efficient exercises that provide maximum results without the risk of injury, Pilates can benefit everybody, the young, the old, pre and post natal, injured or athlete.


Pilates for young people

 "In childhood, habits are easily formed-good and bad. Why not then concentrate on the formation of only good habits and avoid the necessity later in life of attempting to correct bad habits and substituting them for good habits"
 Joseph Pilates 1934




Joseph Pilates believed that we must "First educate the child". The principles of Pilates which promotes body and mind should be practiced from a young age. Factors affecting young people's health today include not only unhealthy dietary behaviour
and physical inactivity, due to increased sedentary lifestyle in a world of smart
phones, video-gaming, computer and TV watching, but also decreased emphasis on physical education programming in schools. Young people engaging in Pilates mat
work learn physical skills while incorporating body awareness through disciplined focus, concentration, healthy breathing, mindful and purposeful movement. Pilates will
help build strength and increase flexibility. It will help develop body awareness and improve well-being.


Pilates for Men

Many male professional athletes incorporate Pilates into their cross training and athletic conditioning. Pilates helps with overall balance and control, making it a perfect compliment to running, tennis, golf, football, skiing and rugby.


Stronger. Longer. Leaner. Healthier.


The Studio

Loving Pilates Studio is Woking’s first fully equipped Pilates studio. The studio offers
a variety of equipment classes as well as Mat work Classes and 1:1’s.


at Crofton Healthcare, Crofton House, Wych Hill, Woking, GU22 0EX






The Springboard Class

The springboard is a wall mounted resistance machine that provides an invigorating full body workout. These classes take your Pilates Matwork to a new level. The use of arm and leg springs both intensify and assist the exercises. With very small classes, providing more attention to the individual, these classes offer a chance to really understand and improve your technique.


Previous Pilates experience is a bonus but not obligatory. If you have trouble rolling up and/or you want longer leaner arm and leg muscles, then these classes are for you!


The Studio session

This small group class offers people a chance to use all the Pilates equipment i.e Cadillac, Reformer, Ladder Barrel, Wunda Chair, MOTR, Bodhi, baby arcs and Springboards. Each person will have their own especially designed workout to follow. This class is great if you want to take your pilates to the next level or if you are working through an injury. These classes require at least one private session in order to learn your workout. Once established this workout will be progressively evolved, at the pace of each individual.


The Studio Circuit

This class does a circuit of all the Pilates equipment i.e Cadillac, Reformer, Ladder barrel, Wunda Chair, MOTR, Bodhi, baby arcs and Springboards. It is a great low-impact muscle lengthening and strengthening workout with a cardio blast. This fun class challenges the brain as well as the body! An Orientation session is required before joining this class. Suitable for all levels.


1:1 sessions

In these 1:1 sessions, a bespoke workout is created for you. If you are working through an injury or looking for a customised workout using the Pilates equipment, these sessions are designed to get the most out of you and your body.


Pilates for Pregnancy

These Pre Natal classes are especially designed to strengthen your body during pregnancy, focusing on core, breathing and balance. They help to ease the discomforts of back pain and support you during the different trimesters. The class is kept small and friendly with lots of individual attention.


Pilates for Teens

The Teens class is a 45min workout with focus on posture, core strength, functional fitness and injury prevention.


Pilates for Kids

The Pilates for Kids class is 45 mins fun, non competitive movement experience focusing on strength, balance and coordination. Pilates exercises improve flexibility, stability, joint health and breathing capacity.


PLEASE NOTE that timetables can change. For weekly updates go to the                                           page.

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The Mat

Pilates mat classes offer a variety of functional movements and controlled exercises that engage the mind and condition the body. They have a classical feel with a focus on core and pelvic stability, spine and joint mobility and strengthening exercises that will improve posture, muscle tone and body alignment. Mat classes incorporate the small apparatus; balls, bands, magic circle, foam rollers and hand weights which will assist and challenge the body.

"Breathing is the first act of life, and the last" 
Joseph Pilates

mat class timetables



Monday evenings 7.30-8.30pm



Goldsworth Primary School

Bridge Barn Lane

Woking, Surrey

GU21 6NL


for all

Tuesday mornings 9.15-10.15am

Friday mornings     9.15-10.15am



Hoe Valley Community Centre

King field Road

Woking GU22 9BA




for men only


Jean is an ex-professional dancer and has been teaching Pilates for nearly 16 years. She is passionate about the Pilates method, about making changes in peoples lives, habits and bodies. She believes that consistent Pilates practice enables us to continue doing all the things we love to do. She delights in seeing the positive changes in clients.

About Jean
What people are saying...

Jean's Pilates classes are amazing. A full hour of continuous and varied exercises from

a real expert who inspires confidence. I always come away feeling good and would recommend her classes to anyone.



Jean's Pilates sorts me out every Friday! You go in tired at the end of the week but come out energised and good.



Initially I may have been slightly sceptical, but after a few classes I realised how much Pilates makes a difference to every other sport, whether it's running or cycling, or in particular with windsurfing, where being that much stronger and more flexible is really noticeable....I would recommend anyone to come down and give it a try!



I can't recommend Jean more whether you are looking to start Pilates for the first time or you are an advanced pupil. Her knowledge and attention to detail is second to none, she is professional and is always bringing new material to her repertoire. Her knowledge allows her to work with a wide variety of clients with different needs. Most importantly her classes are fun and really effective!!



My wife sent me to the male Pilates class Jean runs on a Monday night. As an
ex-rugby player I wasn't sure if it would be for me. That said I had a stiff back so gave
it a go. People I spoke to said Pilates is all about the teacher. That was 3 years ago. Jean moves like a swan, I am an inch taller on Tuesdays and a lot more flexible with fewer back problems. It's stretching and sit ups on steroids but a lot more too - try it. It just goes to prove one thing ... my wife is always right!



Email studio@loving-pilates.com for more information.

Or call Jean on 07879 255227 for a chat about how to get started.

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